Since childhood all of us have been in one way or the other using the TATA product in our daily lives.


Since the very beginning of the TATA Group, they have been working silently in their Jamshedpur plants, working on a national pride –The TAJ HOTEL’S, pioneering the aviation in India, constructing first Power plant and have many more first’s to there name.


Since 1991, Mr. Ratan Tata has been inspirational in taking our country to the next level, be it making the first Indian car or buying big MNC’S marking the arrival of the INDIA story to the world. 

He is the part of every story India ever produced.

I am greatly inspired by not only Mr. Ratan Tata but also from his ancestors.

Working in this competitive world and still being so much human is an art which Mr. Tata has mastered. Making a car for just Rs. 1 lack is not just an achievement but an innovation. His philosophy of working for the people is paying rich dividends to the middle and lower middle class of the country.

I still remember a famous interview on BBC, just after TATA Steel bought CORUS Steel. When asked about the fact that CORUS was over-employed and weather their would be any job-cuts, he politely answered

“There are two ways of seeing water in a glass ,I watch it the other way.” He said “ instead of cutting jobs to keep cost under control we are looking at increasing the production.”


NANO CAR, the  very idea of creating a car with a price tag of Rs.1lack was challenged, but he had faith in the very much Indian TATA Motor’s engineers. While launching the car this year, he said that he was worried of the family which moves around the city on a scooter with four people riding on it, in a rainy summer afternoon. He was talking about 60% of the Indian population. The car is a gift to all these people.

I am greatly inspired by an industrialist who runs his companies like a public limited, with almost all the efforts going to public service.

The very fact of  company which once financed the “British Govt. of India” being bought by one of the companies of India still leaves goose- bumps to me and to a large population of the country and the world.

He not only made the dream possible but also made us proud by winning it style in a bidding war, letting the world respect the economic might and confidence of the Indian Economy.


This 70 year old gem of the modern era still lives a life of simple living and high thinking.

Despite his wealth, Tata always keeps a low profile. During his stint in the US, Tata had no qualms in doing odd jobs, he even washed dishes!


I am greatly inspired by his modern approach of running the largest industrial house in India and his traditional ways of serving to the society.

The most inspiring quote which makes me idolize him was published in Business Week magazine in mid April.2008.

He said that every day before going to bed he thinks about the whole day and the activities he did which served the society in the best possible way and was able to provide food to at least one family.

I also desire to be like him and serve the country. He has really inspired me in shaping up my future and my ambitions in life. I, like him, wish to be able to play a small role in providing employment to people. I too want to be part of a revolution which will take India to a developed country. I wish one day people recognize me like they recognize him and also to meet him in my own capacity