Everyone of us dream. But this is a dream different form others. It’s a dream I am dreaming for last month or so. I am dreaming of being with you. I am dreaming of your presence al around me.

It’s silly and so is me. Whatever I am doing is just for you.

And damn I am so happy. I am all smiles day in day out.

Laughing at difficulties and facing challenges. It seems I am never alone. Every time I am idle I am with you, thinking of you, talking to you, praying for you.


Its love finally and girl I am loving every moment of it.!!

I don’t want this to end ever. I just want to live in this dream all my life. I never felt so much enjoying ever. I am feeling the freshness of air, the fragrance of  flowers, the sound of water flowing from air. I am loving the moon light and sun seems to be smiling all the time. The rains are fun and evening are pleasant then ever.

You are making all this possible and without even knowing.

You have completely changed me. You have made me a better person.

I know I was never a person you would like to spend your time with but that doesn’t stop me from loving you, in-fact more. I never ever felt this strong for any girl I met. It seems all my life I was a nomad living on the directions of the sand. Suddenly, you came there and showed me the crystals around me.

You have made me a poet and you are my inspiration and you are my poem.


I may never be able to tell you all this.

I am never be able to explain the reasons.

But I want to.

But you have taken my words from me and I am now searching for words.

I do not want to hurt you ever so may never be able to tell you how much I love you.



The past was never what I wanted to. It was full of mistakes and silly fate of mine. All this has led me top a place when it is difficult for me to be back with you but  some day I would tell you how much you mean to me and how important  your presence is for me.!!


Forgive me if you can. I want to begin it afresh with no past.


please come back to me and please be the precious gift i want for my life.