Since child hood we all have been doing the same mistake, well, atkeast i am. Making fake promises to myself about what i plan to do the coming year ans i sincerely think evryone does the same. It’s not bad but one should try to stick to them and atleast try to full-fill one of them. Each year i take these so very silly and unjust resolutions for the coming year. Never in my life i have actully ended up in abiding by them but exactly opposite to them. But this time its going to be different. This time i have a special “Resolution”. Its a little funny but it is my resolution for the coming year and many years to come.

Here it is…..I am saying goodbye to RESOLUTION’s from this year.

Well its not actully as bad as it seems to me. But i am sick and tired of this yaar. Every year you come up with the most innovative resolution for yourself and you never do what you have promised to your ownself all year.

Last year was no diffrent. I had done loads of promises to myself and to the world but the only time i remember them was when i was going to bed last night.  That time i was just thinkin of the past one year and what i lost and won, i have realised that the past year was the worst of my life. I lost some of the most precious things i had. I am a complete change and a far cry from the me i was last year. But it all happens for the sake of change. And when time is not on your side you are a complete looser.

This has been my story for the past one year or may be more than that. i have been to the lows and to further lows all the past year. Its not just about me but it is almost everything closer to me, anything i like, anything i want to have.

Weather its the mess at my fav. football club Chelsea or it be the Sourav Gangully era or it be my personal life story. Its been a complete dumb year of mine. But as it is said hope carry’s you forward, so i am ready to welcome the year with open arms, with dreams in my eyes and happiness on my mind.

So what are my plans for the 2009 year. Well they are many but i don’t think i am going to share them with anyone. But one thing is for sure, they are not resolutions, they are more of a code to live in peace with myself rather than what i have to achieve and what not to do. So as the new year is begining i am a kind of happy and nervous but i believe i am going to end the 009 year on a high and will be able to be what i wish to.

SO here’s i am wishing each and everyone in this whole world a very HAPPY & FUNFILLED NEW YEAR.