Well I have seen this movie for a zillion times already before writing anything about it and I know its too late for you guys to be even interested in reading anything about this movie. Still I want to share something with you all


I first came to know about this movie thought the internet-god-bless the Internet. And true to each word said about it, it’s just a fantastic movie to watch. The story of a vampire falling in love with his food, a girl ready to change herself for her lover, a special family trying hard to live a normal life, a small town mystery, I mean it has just about everything that keeps you fascinated. The love and its intensity they both share is too truly and freshly told that you never complaint about the weird subject of the movie. The role played by Kristen and Robert is fantastic.


For Kristen I have only one word-wow. Man, she is too hot and at the same time way to talented and I just love her. She is on my facebook page too and damn! I am too happy.


For Robert, I can be sure that he is already a hot property in Hollywood and his hairstyle in the movie is what I want for me too.


The direction is awesome and the small town looks so real. The music of the movie is different and is surely a high selling one. The song “Eyes on Fire” is personally my favorite from the movie.


The sequel is coming this year and I can’t wait for it. I am a fan in simple words.