There is a quote I believe in

“ If you love someone, set them free. If they comes back than it is yours but if it doesn’t than it was never yours”.

I strictly believe in it but with a small modification that goes around, as even if it is not yours, you should still love them, care for them the same way as you have done before they knew about your feelings or even before you knew about it.


I believe that love happens in the most tragic and unavoidable circumstances.

Well, actually it happens when you think that even friendship with such person is not going to work.

But wow!! It’s the beauty of love that it surprises you more than you think. Love will blossom in fights. The more you fight, the more you love. This is amazing and it truly makes our life worth every second.


I never thought you will be someone that you are today to me. I never felt like this ever. And all love without even having seen you. It’s amazing how people do this. Living a life only for love and its amazing I am too doing it and with amusement. I don’t even know you and well to be true I don’t even want to till I know that you will complete me. There are days when I wait for you and there are nights when I dream about you but one thing is sure…you always make me smile whenever I think about you.

“I saw your picture on the computer,

Oh! You are so beautiful.

Couldn’t resist but said “love you”

The madness added when the picture said it too”


Even with all this happiness, deep down inside I know its not going to work this way. I have been ready for tears in the days coming by. I have to be prepared for the worst-case scenario and that is the time when you will say,  “move on without me”. And that time is what I don’t want to ever face but I do believe that destiny is something that is written and its something you have to be ready for. So preparing my self for this I have started to love you even more.

But there does come a time when I feel bad thinking about it, but a little thought of life if I can live with you makes all my doubt fade away.

There is a silly feeling in my heart. It’s a gut feeling or whatever they say it. I feel that each day when I feel or start to believe on letting you go out of my life something happens that makes me believe again that you are for me and only for me and I can make this little possibility come true if you help me out. But then again if it’s love then you too know it and you.

There is small quote from the alchemist:

“If you love and want something in your life truly and this whole world will conspire to make sure you achieve it”


I think this is my destiny.

You are my destiny.

I just hope I too am your’s.