Everytime the transfer window opens up there is always a huge buzz about what chelsea is going to buy and at what price. But this time it is a little diffrent. Roman is in huge money problem as reported by the media. But i doubt it. His commitment to the club is of no doubt. And he will not stop the BIG PHILL from buying out quality players.

So what are they really going to buy. Well; as a fan,i have some thing to say here.

We at chelsea are spoilt of choices but we are becoming a bit predictable. I really think we need a large scale change. We should sell players also instead of only buying out players. Selling bridge,malouda,monerio,alex or balletti is never going to cause a major problem and in a way its goin to help the young talent in getting prepared for the future.

Besides i strongly believe that having so many good mid-filders is not going to be easy in this situation. Selling a player from that group and adding a acadamy player can help the future. As far as wingers and strikers are concerned we should look forward to adding a quality player like podolski or villa and transferring moluda. besides we will also be able to get away with anelka come next season. He surely can rake some moolah for the club. Time will never be the same. So lets hope the great russian Roman empire is out of the gloom and we are again in the market for some big money transfers.

Chelsea is for life. I mean i can never imagine life with out watching Terry saving and Lamps or Deco creating magic in the mid-field or watching the big Drog scoring at will. It was so magical when MOURINHO ruled the Stanford Bridge Arena. Its so good to see MAN Utd. , Arsenal, Liverpool,Barca finding it difficult to score or even draw the games. I want that era to be back and i want it to be back with Big Phill still around the club.

Chelsea has always been a dream for me and it will always be one watching a game at the club stadium.


Blue was every where. Blue is everywhere. Blue will be everywhere.

All Hail The Great Chelsea!!