woow!.. So i am going to share with you a very spl story. A love story but its not mine actually but it’s of a buddy named Ravin, and i red about it thriugh his book which happens to be titled as “I TOO HAD A LOVE STORY” and bot did i liked it..well i just loved it. It’s so much real and so much heart felting that you just keep on compaing there love with any classic modern day love story. It’s written in such a simple yet so powerfull way that you realise in just one go how much love do the couple share and how true are they with eachother.

You love them when they talk to eachother on there oh so cute phone chat’s, you happen to feel the pain when ravin makes khusi cry.ya the girl’s name is khusi…woow..woow!! na. The story was folding up very nicely,meetingfor the first time, first kiss, a fantasy ceramony and then it all crashed just two days ahead of the d-day. It left me in great pain when i realised how cruel was destiny on Ravin,who got the sweetest girl in his life to find the greatest gift of god only to loose it one day in a way that he will never evr frgt. Khusi died in an accident and it all just happend in a 4 months. Well fate has its own ways.

But this one is to my buddy….i know you not reading this but bro i am really sorry for you and really sad that we don’t have such a beautiful girl in this world any more but i know the angel is around you and always protecting you. Not everyone gets to have a love story like you had and not everyone had the guts to tell it to the world.

I truely feel my greatest wishes for the family of your beloved khusi and to you and your family. I hope one day you come out of this pain though i know you might have already.It’ll neverĀ  be easy to forget that angel and i wish that angel bestowes all her care on you.